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What does Volume mean?

You will have noticed that a year or so ago we started adding the volume of each board to the specs, so you can get a feel for how buoyant the board is. Buoyancy is really underrated in surfboard design but is one of the core fundamental necessities when you are paddling for a wave. Recently I was introduced to a surfer by the name of Whitney Guild who has written an article or two on the subject and even presented at one of the Scared Craft shows on the subject. With Whitney’s help we are building a functional program within our website to allow you to find the right board for both your weight, style of board and your current ability. All that should add up to a higher wave count and more fun.

Here’s Whitney’s letter.

by Whitney Guild

Letter to Surfboard Builders:
I’m writing because I’ve come up with what I think is a new and very important aspect of surfboard design. VOLUME RATIO TO RIDER WEIGHT. Most of you are using a CAD program to help design your boards and can provide volume numbers on your different designs.

I was at the “Sacred Craft” surfboard show in October 2009 and gave a seminar on Volume and how it relates to your quiver.  Shortboard, funboard, longboard or SUP.  I can e-mail you more info on my seminar.  I had my volume tank at the show and was able to measure the volume of over 40 boards.

What I have come up with is a certain aspect of surfboard volume and how it relates to your body weight. In the metric system, 1 liter floats 1 kilogram of weight.

Usually a shortboarder will want around 33 to 35% of his body weight in board volume.

A longboarder will want a 1 to 1 ratio or 100% of his body weight. (hi performance longboard 90%) That’s what I ride.

SUP board for Beginners, 2 x your body weight. Intermediates 1.7 x and  Expert SUP rider, 1.3 x their body weight. (the Guild Factor)

I believe this aspect of understanding volume will really help customers dial in the right board for themselves, especially for new surfers and SUPers.

Examples:  Jamie O’Brien rides a 6-1 at 27.5 liters, he weighs 81 kilos so he’s riding 34% of his body weight.  I weigh 80 kilos and my longboard is 72 liters= 90%, my SUP is 106 liters which is 130% of my body weight.

In Volumetrics 1 liter floats 1 kilogram of weight.

If you would like to discuss this concept more, or have me measure your boards in my volume tank, please contact me at the number below or drop me an e-mail. WHITGUILD@HOTMAIL.COM

Whitney Guild

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2 Responses to What does Volume mean?

  1. Joanne says:

    I am trying to rigure out my berst surfing volume. I am 5’4″ and 105 pounds. I have been riding a 6’2″ flyer. Am an interdemiate surfer. Looking to get a Al merrick new flyer or k whip and thinking I will go shorter? Thanks for your help!

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