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Global Surf Industries (GSI) operates from its world headquarters in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Our wholly-owned distribution operations in Australia and the USA are supported by a large network of distribution specialists in various other countries (for individual details go to the contacts page).

GSI was founded in June 2002. After decades of cottage industry-style operations, the time for a better way of supplying surfboards to the international surfing market had well and truly arrived. Today GSI has a portfolio of some of the most well known brands in the Surf and Stand Up Paddle Industry. We remain very deliberate and strategic in our brand and model selection. Each brand caters for a particular type of surfer with a specific level of surfing ability. We also invest a lot of time and effort into new technologies to help get the best performance from every experience. So whether you are a first-day novice, a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced or elite-level surfer or paddler GSI has the brand and model that is right for you. .

Company Values and Beliefs:

  • Life is better when you surf®
    This is our company mantra; it incorporates everything that we appreciate about our life and the industry that we love to work in. We only manufacture and sell surfboards and we only market to surfers or people who want to become surfers. We know what a difference surfing has made in our lives and love to share this.
  • Passionate
    We love what we do, we love our brands and our business, we love the lives that we live and we are passionate about our relationships with our customers who help us reach the end consumers of our products.
  • Quiet achievers
    Since day one we have been working hard to build the vision we have for the business, we have achieved a lot in a short space of time. We are about making things happen rather than creating hype about things that might happen. Many of our achievements are things that people said could never happen.
  • Ease of doing business with us/simplicity.
    One of our long term goals is to have the biggest, smallest company possible. To make this a reality we have to keep all the procedures and dealings we have with our customers simple and easy to manage. Business should be done with the least amount of fuss to achieve the best results and ensure people like dealing with us.
  • Profitability for all parties
    Surfboards are no longer the hobby of the surf industry. Surfboards must be profitable for them to survive at the retail level. By ensuring our retailers increase their profitability we are insuring our business long term. At the same time we must ensure that our profitability is there, that our manufacturers and their raw material suppliers' profitability is there as well. If any of the links in this chain are broken then our plan will fail.
  • Internal personal development/teamwork/openness
    We will continue to develop ourselves to do a better job, have a better life, enjoy what we do more through personal development. We learn as a team, we learn from each other, we learn from our customers, we learn from our consumers. At all times to foster this learning environment we must have open and honest dialogue, if our lines of communication are closed then our minds will be closed as well.
  • Innovation/vision/creativeness
    Having a vision is the foundation our company was launched on, we challenge the status quo and we are proud of this. Constant improvements through creative thinking will always be part of our success and the success of our customers and also the level of enjoyment the end users of our products have.
  • Inclusivity/charity/family friendly/all types of riders
    We have a belief that surfing is for everyone, it isn't just about the top 44, for us it is about everyone under them. The recreational surfers who surf for the love of it. As they say in Hawaii - we share the aloha spirit. We give back to people less fortunate and help them to understand what surfing can bring to their lives.
  • Play to win
    Everyone has gone to a lot of trouble of setting up our businesses, both ours and our customers, we can never treat the time, effort or money spent building the business as a hobby. Maximising the returns on the effort, dollars and time invested is the only way we can think about playing the game of running our business.
  • Appreciating what we have built
    We will never become complacent with the way we run our business, we will never take our customers or consumers for granted. Appreciating all the effort that has gone into the business from day one will ensure that we only build on what we have and make it more successful and prosperous in the future.
  • Our consumers & retailers appreciate our professional approach
    For us this business is our livelihood, our approach to it and our approach to the way we run this business must be to the best of our ability. Working in a proactive professional manner is the only way we can run the business so that our customers and consumers have faith that we will be there for them when they need us. That we will accept the responsibility of being a leader in our chosen field.
  • Respect
    On many levels respect is the key value for us to be able to meet the values and beliefs that we have mentioned above. Respect for our customers, respect for our consumers, respect for the programs we have in place, respect for ourselves and the community we foster at Global Surf Industries. All of this respect will keep us true to our word and ensure our future will be positive and prosperous.

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