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The COG is a versatile, high volume board suited to anyone looking for added paddle power and forgiveness, without sacrificing the manoeuvrability of a performance based model.

The template features a full nose, thumb tail, and a continuous curved outline that promotes flow and smooth transitions between turns. Full rails add stability and makes the board sit higher in the water, producing faster start-up acceleration.

The rocker and bottom contours on the Cog vary from most other boards. A deep single concave through the middle flows into a double concave out the tail. This flattens out the rocker and rail line through the back of the board allowing you to maintain speed down the line and in flatter waves. At the same time the double concave keeps that sensitivity under your back foot in steeper waves.

Our new PE construction combines a polyurethane core with epoxy resin. This technology not only looks whiter than other PU boards, it creates a lively feel under your feet and produces better memory to the overall flex.

If you want a high volume all-rounder that strikes a balance between manoeuvrability, wave catching power, and that also has the flexibility of a tri-quad option then the Cog should be your next board.

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  • PE
      PE construction combines a polyurethane foam core with high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated by hand using fiberglass cloth and an exclusive epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is used in PE construction for two important reasons. One, to reduce the rate of yellowing and discoloration of the board and two, our exclusive epoxy is more flexible than polyester and maintains the lively flex pattern typically associated with a new board.
      All PE boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand. These boards are light, have incredible acceleration and speed, and feel remarkably sensitive under your feet.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleSingle/Double Concave Full Rail 1-6ft waves Beginner - Advanced
7S Cog - clear + decals
7S Cog - flouro design
7S Cog Surfboard - PE construction7S Cog Surfboard - PE construction7S Cog Surfboard - PE construction7S Cog Surfboard - PE construction7S Cog Surfboard - PE construction
5'3'' 19 1/4'' 2 1/4'' 24.3 ltr FCS M3 60kg / 132lb
5'6'' 19 3/4'' 2 3/8'' 28 ltr FCS M3 65kg / 143lb
5'9'' 20 1/4'' 2 1/2'' 31.4 ltr FCS M5 70kg / 154lb
6'0'' 20 1/2'' 2 1/2'' 33.4 ltr FCS M5 75kg / 165lb
6'3'' 20 3/4'' 2 5/8'' 36.6 ltr FCS M5 80kg / 176lb
6'6'' 21'' 2 3/4'' 40.3 ltr FCS M5 90kg / 198lb
6'9'' 21 1/4'' 2 7/8'' 45 ltr FCS M5 95kg / 209lb +
NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
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1/7/2014 12:08:00 AM
gern from CA, us says:

I have been surfing for 37 years and have had hundreds of boards. I got the 6'3" Cog and I am blown away at how good this board surfs. It is extremely responsive, you can put it where you want. I had it in some good barreling beach break and it rode the tube just as well as a conventional short board shape. It also generates a lot of speed and makes long sections with ease. People in and out of the water always ask me questions about the board. I was initially attracted to the board when I saw a picture of the Cog as I have been loving the shorter, fuller shapes. I really think that these board ideas are the future of surfing and the Cog is a perfect example of how verstile and fun these new board shapes can be. Thank you GSI!!!

7/12/2012 8:28:00 AM
JevPol1 from NY, USA says:

I bought the 6í6Ē model and all I can say is this board rocks. It dimensions allow it to float just as well as funboards 1ft+ longer while still retaining the maneuverability of the shorter boards. Iíve taken it out twice so far on small days (1-3ft) and after I found my sweet spot on the board, paddling for waves was quick and effortless (better than some of the long/funboards at times). It catches waves incredibly easy and is fast and responsive once your up and riding. If youíre a fast learner still in the beginner stage, this is the board to advance on.

7/6/2012 11:10:00 AM
Pepe Moran from Puerto Ric, Puerto Rico says:

I made a reentry to surfing about a year ago, (used to ride boogey boards before)after more than 8 years off the beach. I've been through 5 boards already (including customs) and let me tell you, this one is the most fun of them all. It really floats and transitions from turn to turn, with ease. I weigh 210 (bought the 6'9") so I was somewhat afraid of not being able to catch that many waves; boy was I wrong. I currently have a custom 7'2" and a custom mini longboard 8'0" and it catches as many waves as those other two but handles like a short board. It's completely weightless and effortless to ride. Really strong deck and flexible. I will buy another one just to have in stock.

7/6/2012 10:29:00 AM
Dicky from CA, USA says:

This board is still new to me, and I coming from the Superfish. I've been riding the SF models for years and felt I needed to make a change. First off, I was worried about the Cog's wave catching capabilities; no worries there, the COG is easily as good as the SF for catching waves. Second I was a little concerned it would be just a cruiser. While it is very fluid and has ton of down the line drive (what would you expect from a round pin), you can still dig in and turn tight when you need to. The COG has a definite pocket presence. Unfortunately, I have yet to ride it in overhead surf, so that will be the final test, as the SF was epic in anything overhead. To this point the COG is giving me the change I was looking for and helping me improve my surfing.

6/14/2012 8:51:00 AM
Jevon from New York, USA says:

I took a chance and bought the 6'6" board (6'9" sold out)to ride as a performance funboard considering im a smaller guy (60kg). Could have even gone smaller as this floats me just as well as boards 1ft longer. I've only been out once in very small conditions (east coast waves) but even then, It rode very smooth and caught the small stuff just as easy as the other longboards. Can't wait to see how it performs on bigger days.

5/24/2012 1:48:00 PM
John from Qld, Australia says:

This board is one smooth operator, easily the most fluent board Iíve had the pleasure of riding. But a warning, the flipside of this is that it isnít a board for chop hopping and flapping about, itís for drawing long lines and linking sections naturally. The double concave at the rounded tail gives you all the speed and grace you need to weave in and out of the pocket of waves with stylish ease. It is a wave magnet in small surf picking up absolutely everything, but perhaps most impressive is the way it handles bigger waves. For the volume of the board (I have the 6í6 which is 2 ĺ thick) it has a lot of flexibility and maneuverability that makes it possible to do tight top turns as well as big, carving bottom turns. And other people seem to love this board as much as I do, most surfs I get stopped by people who ask exactly what kind of board it is and where can they get it from.

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