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7S Super Fish II
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The Super Fish II has been updated for 2012 making one of our most popular boards even better. The idea behind the Super Fish design is to offer a board that rides, paddles and catches waves easily regardless of your ability.

The generous outline and smooth rocker makes this board incredibly easy to ride. One of the most notable features of the Super Fish design is the step deck. This gives the board greater buoyancy while maintaining a performance rail profile making the board sensitive and easier to turn.

The new bottom contour features a deep single-to-double concave providing greater speed and acceleration. The tail wings are now more defined creating bite off the bottom and quicker release through turns. The swallowtail has been reinforced with extra fibreglass and is now shallower than before. This adds surface area under your back foot meaning more speed in flatter waves.

FCS plugs are set up in a tri-quad configuration so you can ride it as a thruster or a quad, and the traditional Poly construction offers a solid and reliable feel in a variety of conditions.

If you're looking for a high volume, easy to ride surfboard that'll increase your wave count then the Super Fish II is the board for you.

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  • Polyester (PU)
      Polyester or PU construction uses traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes. All polyester boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand using quality components such as Hexcel fiberglass, Silmar resin and Bennett foam.
      For years traditional polyester boards have been at the forefront of performance surfing. These boards feature a progressive flex pattern controlled by a high-grade timber stringer and feel very reliable under your feet. Polyester construction will perform in all surf conditions and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleSingle/Double Concave Step Rail 1-6ft waves Beginner - Advanced
7S Super Fsih II - blue tint
7S Super Fish II
7S Super Fish II - polyester model7S Super Fish II - polyester model7S Super Fish II - polyester model7S Super Fish II - polyester model
5'9'' 20'' 2 1/4'' 29.5 ltr FCS M5/GX Quad 70kg / 154lb
6'0'' 20 1/4'' 2 7/16'' 33.3 ltr FCS M5/GX Quad 75kg / 165lb
6'3'' 20 1/2'' 2 1/2'' 36.2 ltr FCS M5/GX Quad 75kg / 165lb
6'6'' 20 3/4'' 2 5/8'' 40.6 ltr FCS M5/GX Quad 80kg / 176lb
6'8'' 21'' 2 3/4'' 44.2 ltr FCS M5/GX Quad 85kg / 187lb
7'0'' 21 1/2'' 2 3/4'' 48.95 ltr FCS M7/M3 Quad 85kg / 187lb
7'3'' 22'' 2 13/16'' 53 ltr FCS M7/M3 Quad 90kg / 198lb
8'0'' 23'' 3'' 66.9 ltr FCS M7/M3 Quad 95kg / 209lb +
NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
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5/15/2012 7:37:00 PM
Simon Duff from Victoria, Australia says:

This board is the best board I have ever ridden. It performs in sloppy conditions and excells in clean conditions. Its responds to everything you throw at it, speeding through flat sections with just a small pump of the board, to hitting the lip super hard. I am a short board rider that went to longboard for 2 years and now back to the 6'6' superfish, a great transition. Its also a great board for kids entering into intermediate ability due to the thickness and stability, still with great response. I know its improved my surfing alot and has renewed my enthusiasm to the point of spending more time in the waves than I ever did. Cheers, Simon Duff, Mornington Peninsula Surfschool.

3/14/2012 1:37:00 AM
Chris from Christchur, New Zealand says:

Man, what a treat!! I've owned three previous Superfish, but unlike many later versions of other manufacturers' boards, this is a major step up in performance and speed!! Looks like something Batman would ride, sleek and dangerous, and the performance is totally mindblowing. Faster than I would have believed, incredibly manoeuvreable and that was in overhead, lumpy, wild conditions. I will take a little time to adjust to the acceleration (WILD!!) but am really looking forward to adapting to the performance boost and stepping up another notch in the enjoyment register!! Thanks for another winner 7S and GSI.

2/19/2012 4:15:00 PM
jim from Victoria, Australia says:

I recently purcahased the superfishXl,2. Have ridden the board in 2-3ft & 4-5ft surf, my board is 6'8, was a bit concerned about the lenght originally but after riding the board have been extremely impressed with how good it turns & catches waves. I set mine up as a thruster because didnt feel as good with the generic quad fins that come with the board, maybe with larger front fins as a quad might work better. The only negative thing l can say about the board is that it takes a lot of pressure to duck dive, but that is expected with the trade off with a wide nose & rails, Happy with the board & would recommend one no probs to anyone looking for an easy board to catch waves that also has the ability to turn well, well done to 7S shapers&designers, Cheers.jim

2/19/2012 4:13:00 PM
Chris Ljungdahl from NSW, Australia says:

This board rips. I have had 2 surfs (2ft&4ft) and I am very happy. It pumps down the line and turns easily. I am a longboarder and compete locally. I ride longboards because I am fat(115kg). I am bored with my surfing and looking to ride shortboards again. This is a great board and perfect for making the awkward transition from longboards to shortboards. This board is the missing link between 9ft and 7ft. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, GET ONE! For the boards development, I would like to see a little more lift in the nose and rocker through the whole board. I will be getting another one...

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