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Gnaraloo Fatty
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The Gnaraloo Fatty are especially designed for surf schools and first timers as they are extra thick, wide, stable and they have a handle in the middle so that the kids can carry them too.

The Fatty has a special rocker profile (the curve of the board) that was designed to help new surfers learn to surf faster and have more fun sooner. The boards paddle easily and quickly due to their higher buoyancy and the bottom contours making it easy to catch waves. The wide tail and nose area make the boards very stable under unsure feet inspiring confidence and success.

Gnaraloo is a safe and fun way to get started surfing and learn quickly and safely.

All sizes come with a built in carry handle.

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      Softshell was developed for surf schools and beginner surfers who required a safe, durable, easy to ride surfboard. Softshell is essentially a thick Polyethylene skin wrapped around the deck and rail of the board, combined with a soft slick bottom surface that keeps novice riders safe in the event of impact.
      Using a vacuum construction process eliminates peeling or bubbling and allows Softshell boards to withstand the toughest of treatment, while providing many surfers the opportunity to safely catch their first wave.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleFlat Bottom Full Rail 0-3ft waves Beginner
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Gnaraloo Fatty Soft Surfboard
NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
7'4'' 23'' 3 7/8'' 81 ltr FCS Soft ideal for all weights
8'4'' 23 1/2'' 3 7/8'' 93 ltr FCS Soft ideal for all weights
9'2'' 24'' 4'' 138 ltr FCS Soft ideal for all weights
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1/9/2013 11:18:00 AM
marcus bohm from Cabarete, Dominican Republic says:

we just received 7'4 8'4 and 9'2, what a pleasure to see students take off right away great feel , great balance and huge success in our Surfing school our favorite boards to make students love surfing after minutes

11/9/2012 3:37:00 PM
chuck herwig from puntarenas, costa rica says:

Just got the new Fattys to Costa Rica with the CROCODILE SKIN ! Unreal , you guys have taken the best school board in the world and made it even better , no rash but plenty of new grip and the boards are staying cleaner and nicer with out the wax . We have found the 8'4 because of volume is great for almost all our students ! NICE JOB GSI !

11/4/2012 11:13:00 PM
Dave Basher from SA, Australia says:

Got two of these things- 8'4" for the surf program I run at a small Aboriginal school. Noticed that a couple of the bigger kids were catching everything, so decided to have a go in the 2 ft lined up offshore conditions. So easy to paddle, stable so much momentum. Decided to take one out over the weekend- head high on the bigger ones- really too big for this board. Changed the flexible fins to stiffer FCS. Sat deeper than the 9-9'6" riders, caught everything, massive glide and momentum- high line surfing- back to the 70s! Nursed it on turns, trimmed from the front- I had so much fun on this thing! A real handful on the bigger waves- to be expected. Could even knee paddle it! Such a huge leap forward compared to the older soft boards.

9/24/2012 10:28:00 AM
k16 surf school Tenerife, Canary island from spain , spain says:

Que contentos estamos que por fin haya una tabla de escuela que nos haga el trabajo mas fácil de enseñanza a nuestros alumnos, ahora podemos garantizar a nuestros alumnos que se pondrán de pie en su primera sesión de surf.....Aleluyaaaaa !

5/11/2011 10:13:00 AM
Brock Marcotte from Ontario, Canada says:

Hey Bought the Gnaraloo couple months back for the surf school I work at we usually use a another brand of soft top boards that just rash, are new surfers up something fierce and not very forgiving when surfer was out of position for nose dive. When I read about the Gnaraloo soft board it made perfect sense to cut the length add the volume that you lose it works great. What really sells this board is the features the handle is perfect not only as use for carrying the board but also a great teaching tool, it allows the new surfer to find the middle of the board quickly. The fcs fin system add on is a super obvious feature that all the other learner boards really lack because not only can you replace the stock soft rubber plastic safety fins with any old regular fcs fins (the soft fins are almost indestructible so I doubt I am ever going to have to do that). Lastly the construction quality has been great at the beach that 99% of the lessons take place the reef meets the beach and new surfers ram there boards into it daily witch just dings the hell out of the regular epoxy of glass learner fun boards the Gnaraloo gets dropped on the reef rode up the reef the only damage I was able to find is a couple of puncture marks the shipping company did when the board had to come here the camp I work at is in the Dominican Republic.

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