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The Psychedelic Germ was designed when Warren Smith said to me he wanted a signature board model that was different and unique. So I took the Shred Sled model and added a displacement hull concept that I had been working with Tom Carroll and Andy Dovell on in a tow board project. I also put in some side cuts (concave outlines) inspired by the “Winterstick Swallowtail”, which are situated from the wide point of the board down to the wing.

The displacement hull softens the water flow through the entry of the board when planing through choppy water, or through the lip of a wave. The side cuts shorten the radius of your turn, meaning the board will draw a tighter arc for how wide the board actually is - resulting in the board feeling more responsive when on rail.

The rocker is flat in the belly, giving the board flowing speed, yet it kicks late in the nose and a little in the tail. The deep single concave in the front end of the board blends into a double vee out the tail behind the front fins.

The Psychedelic Germ is a board that can riden in all conditions up to 4ft. It is fast, responsive and easy to ride.

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  • FutureFlex
      FutureFlex represents the very latest in surfboard technology and design. The construction process combines a stringerless, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a parabolic carbon fiber frame.
      The carbon fiber frame within the laminate is the key to the performance of these boards. Designed to maximize speed and drive while minimizing twisting, FutureFlex boards essentially store and release energy as the surfer transitions through a turn. The result is a fast and lively, highly responsive surfboard that's perfectly geared for high performance surfing.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleSingle/Double Full Rail 1-4ft waves Intermediate - Advanced
Haydenshapes Psychedelic Germ
Haydenshapes Psychedelic Germ
NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
(recommended NOT supplied)
5'6'' 18 3/4'' 2 1/8'' 22.35 ltr Future HS3 (not supplied) -70kg / -154lb or less
5'8'' 19'' 2 1/4'' 24.63 ltr Future HS2 (not supplied) -75kg / -165lb or less
5'10'' 19 1/4'' 2 3/8'' 26.93 ltr Future HS1 (not supplied) -85kg / -187lb or less
6'0'' 19 1/2'' 2 1/2'' 29.48 ltr Future HS1 (not supplied) -90kg / -198lb or less
6'2'' 19 3/4'' 2 1/2'' 30.88 ltr Future HS1 (not supplied) 90kg / 198lb +
6'4'' 20 1/4'' 2 5/8'' 34.52 ltr Future HS1 (not supplied) 90kg / 198lb +
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8/12/2014 2:47:00 PM
Omer shoval from California, Israel says:

Just got my psychedelic germ 5.6 from GSI . First of all I couldn't of gotten this magic board withouth the help of the amazing costumer service. ( had to note that ) that the board came to me in a box very very well protected and it isn't that ovies , so we'll done on that . Nice to get a board well protected and that you know it didn't get any damage . The board it self is amazing in one word. Surfed it in 1-2 f first time today in fair conditions and it went fast down the line , held speed from turn to turn , radical in the lip , stock the drop , went over flat sections like nothing , held rail impressively and released when needed to. The FF technology is really like it is said - it's flotation is very good , it is very very light and very responsive in the water. I'm a very satisfied costumer and it's not my first time buying a board from GSI and once again not disappointed.

9/24/2013 7:48:00 AM
chuck herwig from puntarenas, costa rica says:

Great board 6 months into its test run and just going strong , Ive figured out what makes this board work and we are working well together now , I do harder bottom top combos than on my normal shortboard [i SOLD IT NOW] , the Psycho takes off late so well and holds its edge even when its a bit bigger and paddles like a big board but turns like a much smaller shape , its weird looking but dont let that frighten you off , noone liked the early Chevy Corvette at first either ! Hahahah !

7/23/2013 9:48:00 AM
Jason from ca, USA says:

I bought the 5'10" Psych Germ for my 16 year old son. I'm 39 and weigh about 180 LBS and was pretty sure this one was too small for a bloke like me. Well I've been riding it more than him on our latest trip to Central America. It has the same buoyancy as my 6'5" "bigger wave" board and turns the bottom corner a lot easier making it the board of choice now all the time. Luckily it has been too big for my kid most of the time....

11/21/2012 7:55:00 AM
John Streit from Virginia , USA says:

The Psychedelic Germ was the first Haydenshapes board I had ever rode, and after one session, I became a believer in these shapes as well as Future Flex construction. What I love most about the Germ is how Hayden was able to place volume in the much-needed areas, and take it away in critical areas for high-performance surfing. A look at the board might have a shortboard purist scratching their head, but the parabolic rail above the wing really allows the rider to crank hard turns and makes the board extremely responsive. This board rides much "smaller" than the dimensions would suggest. Being a big guy in surfing terms at 200 lbs, I need all of the volume I can get out of a board while still trying to find ways to keep it light, fast and responsive. It can be a challenge at times, but the Germ is one of those shapes that met and exceeded my needs. Goes great in all types of surf, but really excels in the pocket when the surf is walled-up and punchy. Give this board a go, it's sick!

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