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Loose and lively off the tail, the Carver is the staple in the McTavish mid-length range. Versatile in all condition and can be tailored to suit any level of rider. The reliable bottom-shape features a single to double concave, which excels in medium to large waves.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: 3-stage rocker, Rounded square or pin tail, Boxy 60/40 rails, Double concave tail, Single nose concave


"Sometimes it takes a couple of good surfs to get a new board wired, but the first wave I caught on my new 8' carver just blew me away."

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  • Polyester (PU)
      Polyester or PU construction uses traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes. All polyester boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand using quality components such as Hexcel fiberglass, Silmar resin and Bennett foam.
      For years traditional polyester boards have been at the forefront of performance surfing. These boards feature a progressive flex pattern controlled by a high-grade timber stringer and feel very reliable under your feet. Polyester construction will perform in all surf conditions and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard & SUP construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleSingle/Double Chine Rail Bevels 2-8ft waves All Skill Levels
7'6 McTavish Carver - polyester model
8'1 McTavish Carver - polyester model
7'6 McTavish Carver - polyester model
8'1 McTavish Carver - polyester model
McTavish Carver
McTavish Carver Polyester ModelMcTavish Carver Polyester ModelMcTavish Carver Polyester Model
7'6'' 21'' 2 7/8'' 50 ltr FCS M7 75kg / 165lb or less
8'1'' 21 1/2'' 2 7/8'' 56 ltr FCS M7 80kg / 176lb +
NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
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5/3/2012 4:05:00 PM
bird from NSW, Oz says:

Surfed for 30+ years on 30+ boards...Bob's carver is the best allround mal by far. It has speed & manuverability, even when 1-2ft & everything else struggles & bogs. The new carver design with bevelled rails in the nose section is even faster than my old one! ... Order a strong 2x6oz glass job & you'll be carving every surf for years to come. Thanks Bob!!!

1/15/2010 9:07:00 PM
Ramsnake from Western Au, australia says:

I have to agree with Geoff from NSW - the paddle power of the 8' 1" Carver, I picked up today (15th January 2010) and took out just this afternoon in an onshore with very small waves, belies how small and narrow it feels in comparison to my usual mount, a Walden 9' 6" Magic. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was actually easier to catch waves on than the Walden which has a lot of rocker and needs a fair bit of push to get going. Looking forward to trying it out on a bigger wave very soon I hope! I think the Magic maybe finding a new home!

8/4/2008 2:09:00 PM
Geoff from NSW, Australia says:

About 8 years and as many boards ago, I was in a shop on Sydney's Northern beaches looking to unload a fairly dissatisfying mini mal and holding a Carver while the sales guy was saying" This is what you want ,mate". Stupidly I didn't listen. Now, after only three surfs on my new 8' Carver I can confidently say to anyone contemplating minimal-ism, WAIT ! Try a Carver. I'm certain that mine paddles into waves easier than a mini mal and can guarantee it turns a shedload more easily. I've tried a few so-called paddles-like-a-mal-turns-like-a-short-board packages and the Carver is the real deal. Restraint is required, however. Your new, improved wavecount can make you a little greedy. Absolutely fantastic board.

7/28/2008 11:11:00 AM
Ben from NSW, Australia says:

Hi...i just rode a 7'6 Carver for the first time on the weekend. It was perfect 4-5ft beach break A-frames, barreling left and right waves. I'm normally a longboard rider and thought that this board would be perfect for those beach break situations. Easy to paddle, took the drop with ease into a great barrel, came goes great. I would recommend one to anyone.

12/20/2007 6:35:00 PM
John Smith from Christchur, New Zealand. says:

Sometimes it takes a couple of good surfs to get a new board wired, but the first wave I caught on my new 8' carverjust blew me away. It paddled into the head high wave easily and turned and CARVED like a shortboard. Most of my other boards are 9'2"-9'8" I'm a committed longboarder, but when it's good now I'll be out on my carver....I LOVE IT. My mate used to rave to me about his7'7" Carver(thats why I bought mine) He reckoned it was the best board he's ever owned.I wish I had listened to him earlier

12/10/2007 3:21:00 AM
rob from cali, usa says:

anything from chest high and bigger, i dominate. nice wide sweeping carves and i can still throw tail off the top. great for older guys who still wanna carve and hit the lip. people think it's a funboard until they see me crush it.

11/25/2007 6:38:00 PM
mick gregory from N.S.W., maroubra says:

your right just like a short board but with the charicter of a mal.I have an 8ft 4in that I ride in 4ft up and it rips.They love fast drawnout turns big cutties and hold in great in the barrel.Youve got me.

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