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NSP Surf Betty Stand Up Paddle Boards
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NSP Surfbetty SUPís are versatile boards designed for cruising, cross-training, and riding small waves. Available in 3 sizes, each SUP will accommodate a wide range of female paddles from the first timer, through to the more seasoned adventurer.

The 10í2Ē, which is the smallest board in the range, has a generous outline spanning 32Ē in width, meaning just about anyone can ride this board without fear of tipping. This is a great board for female paddlers who want to try their luck at riding waves. The two longer sizes are designed with a more streamlined outline will suit open flat water paddling.

All boards feature a relaxed rocker complimented by functional bottom contours that not only promote glide and a low stroke rate, but make them mobile enough to turn with minimal effort. The overall stability of these boards also make them popular with SUP school operators.

NSP Surfbetty SUPís come complete with fins, a leash, convenient carry handle, and a full-length deck grip thatíll feel comfortable under foot, even for long haul paddle missions.

If youíre looking for a versatile board that will excel on all levels, the NSP Surfbetty SUP range has a board to suit you.

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  • E2
      This construction is used exclusively in the NSP and Surf Series programs. It focuses on making the surfboard a durable as possible. The EPS core is reinforced with Fiberglass and then a top sheet of Top Sheet is added to enhance the overall strength of the board. All the layers are fused together using a special epoxy resin that helps to create what we think is the most durable performance orientated Surfboard construction available on the market globally right now.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard & SUP construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleVee Bottom Boxy Rail 0-6ft waves All Skill Levels
NSP Surf Betty SUP
NSP Surf Betty Stand Up Paddle Boards
10'2'' 32'' 4 7/8'' 205 ltr 9" Center + FCS M3 sides ideal for all weights
10'6'' 29'' 4 1/8'' 155 ltr 9" Center + FCS M3 sides 75kg / 165lb or less
11'0'' 31'' 4 1/4'' 190 ltr 9" Center + FCS M3 sides ideal for all weights
NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
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