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The Mini Mega Magic surfboard is a high volume version of Walden’s popular performance longboard in more a compact design.

The length-to-volume ratio is the key element that delivers significant performance advantages over other surfboards in its class.

Like all Magic models, the Mini Mega features a unique patented hull design. Single concave runs from the nose through to the midpoint to enhance speed while adding control. Double concave extends towards the tail providing quicker response time and sensitivity through turns. Finally moderate vee out through the tail keeps the board highly maneuverable while also making for smoother rail-to-rail transitions.

The outline is geared for performance; the nose and tail have been pulled in to allow the board to fit into more critical parts of the wave and turn in a tighter radius. The unique step rail on the deck combined with a hard edge and a beveled vee on the bottom strike a balance between bite and forgiveness when the board is set on rail.

Available in SLX and set up with a tri-quad fin configuration, the Mini Mega Magic is ideal for surfers who want the volume of a longer board, but still want the maneuverability and freedom usually reserved for shortboards and hybrid models

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  • SLX
      SLX construction produces a controlled flex pattern by combining the versatility of epoxy materials with the added advantage of reduced weight. All SLX boards have an EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated by hand using epoxy resign, biaxial fiberglass and a specialized construction process.
      Featuring a high strength-to-weight ratio, and designs CNC milled directly from the shapers files. SLX boards feel light, responsive and are very sensitive under your feet. These boards are extremely versatile, easy to ride, and can be used in wide variety of conditions.

      You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Icon SingleMagic Bottom Magic Step Rail 1-6ft waves All Skill Levels
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Walden Surfboards Mini Mega MagicWalden Surfboards Mini Mega MagicWalden Surfboards Mini Mega MagicWalden Surfboards Mini Mega MagicWalden Surfboards Mini Mega Magic
NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
6'10'' 23 1/2'' 3 3/4'' 67 ltr FCS Fusion M7 85kg / 187lb or less
7'6'' 23 1/2'' 3 5/8'' 74 ltr FCS Fusion 85kg / 187lb +

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12/16/2015 1:15:00 PM
Peter Brittain from WA, Australia says:

I bought the Walden Mini Mega Magic 2nd hand, but in brand new condition. What a brilliant board! I am 51 and am 92 kgs and reasonably fit. I ride boards between 6'0 and 8'1. The 6'0's were starting to be a struggle paddling against all the grommets and Balinese locals so I started riding my longer boards more often. I set the Walden up with a small FCS quad fin set and it is hands down the most fun I have had surfing in the last 40 years! I have never caught so many waves - paddles as good if not better than my long boards yet is as loose as I need it to be. Haven't tested it on big waves yet, but plenty of smaller ones up to head high and it sits beautifully in the barrel. Thanks a lot Walden!!

6/8/2013 1:47:00 PM
Paul from NSW, Australia says:

Well done guys! I`m 55yrs old and 108kg. Just getting back into surfing after a 5+ year spell and I`m embarrassed to admit I`m very unfit, stiff and aches all over. I was sure my enjoyable surfing days were over, until my wife bought me the 7`6`` WALDEN MINI MEGA MAGIC which is an absolute hoot and it has rekindled my urge to go surfing as much as I can. This board is every bit as good as advertised and more. Well done Steve Walden and all your team!! Thankyou so much for making me feel like a kid again after all these years (albeit my old age, lack of fitness and stiffness all over). Cheers!! Paul :)

5/21/2013 12:15:00 AM
pat from zuid holla, holland says:

Great and very fun board, this board is extremely loose for its volume thanks to the tail rocker. Ride it as a quad or a quint with a tiny center fin to get an even looser feel. Very fast because it is so flat rockered in the center combined with the magic tri plane bottom and catches every wave you like. Nice and light, a very good investment if you are tired of not getting enough waves but dont want to be on a longboard or Sup.

10/30/2012 11:28:00 PM
MARK RUSSELL from NSW, australia says:

I am 50 yrs 6ft 2in 88kg and bought the 6ft 10 in model.This board does everything its advertised to do very well.Went out the other day in a rather full take off area then onto a nice banked section around 2 to 3 ft,it paddled onto the waves easily and hanlded nice and loose but very stable not once did i loose control.Im very stiff in my hips and back so the extra beef and width on this board has helped me alot without affecting the performance once on my feet and riding the wave.Could still duck dive this board and fits easily into the back of my car and nice and light.Well done walden.

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